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Your Legal Right to a Fair Recovery is Our Passion!


Our Purpose

To provide impeccable legal services to our client. To advise, counsel, and guide our clients at their time of need. To zealously represent our clients to the best of our ability.


Our Philosophy

Our clients are our number one priority. This firm’s sole duty is to seek the best interest of our clients. Profession legal service with a human touch.


Our Service

Our practice includes civil litigation, personal injury, business transactions, and immigration services.


We are a prestigious firm practicing mainly in the Chinese community. Our philosophy has been and will always be, "Our Clients Come First". The American adversarial legal system is complicated enough without a cold uncaring attorney as your confidant and counselor. Our firm believes all clients are human beings and deserve the personal attention of our attorneys. We handle all cases personally, and regularly and promptly update clients on the status of their case.

Our general practice encompasses everything form the simplest car accident case to multi-million dollar corporate litigation. We combine the expertise of a huge law firm with the personal attention of a personal attorney. When you hire our firm, you are not buying a service; you are gaining a peace of mind, which is why all of our clients become life long clients.

The legal jungle can be tamed with the right attorney.

Immigration Services

Our office has experience in all matters related to immigration law. Below is a sample list of your dealings in the immigration field.


B - Visitor for Business or Pleasure
E - Treaty Trader/Investor
H-1B - Worker in Specialty Occupation
J-1 - Trainee
K - Fiancée/Spouse of U.S. Citizen
L-1 - Intracompany Transferee
O-1 - Alien of Extraordinary Ability
P - Artist/Athlete/Entertainer
Q - Cultural Visitor
TN - Entry under NAFTA
Permanent Resident


Immigrant visas
Labor Certification - Immigrant Visas
Employment Based First Preference (EB1)
Extraordinary Ability (EB1-1)
Outstanding Researcher/ Professor (EB1-2)
Multinational Manager (EB1-3)
Second Preference (EB2)
Advanced Degree Holder (EB2-1)
Immigrant Investor Program(EB-5)
Skilled Worker/Professionals


Immigrant Visas - Family Based
Immediate relatives of U.S. Citizens - All Family Preferences
Adjustment of Status/Immigrant Visa Processing
Adjustment of Status Applications
Employment Authorization Applications
Advance Parole Applications
Application for Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration at U.S. Consulate
Citizenship Claims
Certificate of Citizenship

Civil Litigation

This firm’s practice encompasses all forms of litigation from the smallest contract claim case to multi-million dollar corporate litigations. Our attorneys personally handle all communications with our clients.

Corporate Transactions

This firm is the corporate attorney to hundreds of corporations. From the incorporation to dissolution of the corporation, we have handled all corporation matter in between and inclusive.

Personal Injury

Car accidents, slip and fall incident are all within the realm of cases we handle. We are so confident of your chance for a recovery that there are no attorney’s fees if you do not recover.